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Unprecedented Insurance Claim Expertise

We are fully qualified Chartered Loss Adjusters providing Insurance Brokers, Industrial & Commercial concerns and the general public with a first class service throughout the UK. 


Each of our experienced consultants is a fully qualified Chartered Loss Adjuster who understands the implications a serious loss has upon your business or family life and will respond and minimise the effects


Why do I need my own loss adjuster or claims consultant to advise me?

  Although your insurance company may appoint a loss adjuster, he is paid by them and protects their interest.  We act for you.  Your Insurance Broker will also try and help you but often does not have the requisite time and experience and is usually happy to know that you are properly represented.  
  What do you do for me?   We make certain that you are treated fairly and that your best interests are protected.  We obtain the best available settlement fast and manage the detailed negotiations with your Insurer or their representative.  
  Why should I use you?   We are qualified, Chartered Loss Adjusters and are regulated by the Financial Services Authority.  Claims can be very technical and there are many pitfalls for the inexperienced.  
  Who pays your fee and how much do you charge?   You do, and whilst the level may vary depending upon the complexity and size of the loss the fee will be a small percentage of the payment you receive. Normally as a result of our expertise in handling claims the settlement obtained more than covers the cost of the fee.  
  Do you have a loss adjuster or claims consultant in my area?   Yes - we provide a nationwide service from seven strategically placed offices  

Our expertise will ensure that your claim receives the attention it deserves.

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